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Sonny Felkins

A great place to learn Spanish as well as a great place to improve your Spanish if you have taken time off studying or are looking to take your decent Spanish to a higher level. Monica is an amazing teacher … I have been taking classes off and on for years, and have taken both group and private classes. The small group classes are fun and interactive and the private classes are perfect if you have different schedule or need to focus on specifics for work and or travel or medical Spanish ect… My wife and I have also scheduled private classes together to focus on medical Spanish and those have been extremely helpful as well. I came into The Spanish Institute only knowing a couple of words and quickly felt comfortable in basic phrases , questions, directions, and numbers while traveling. I now feel fully conversational running calls at work and or traveling both in Mexico and Central America and Spain also. I couldn’t recommend it more …. I’ll be continuing to take classes to keep improving my Spanish.

Marina Kantarovich Student