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Gill Haf

I live in Northern California and am happily and successfully learning Spanish with Monica at ‘The Spanish Institute’ (Carlsbad). I have chosen to do this via on-line (Skype) classes interspersed with Immersion Weeks as my schedule permits.

The Skype lessons have been a revelation, it is such a relaxing and pleasant way to learn Spanish. I sit at home with my dogs, practicing conversation, conjugating verbs and learning new vocabulary which centers on my work, my family and my interests.

My recent 30 hour immersion week has moved my Spanish -receptive and expressive skills on substantially. It was also great fun, I laughed a lot. Monica is phenomenal. She is a skilled, effective teacher, she understands education and her students. She is also incredibly interesting, which helps a lot when you spend 6 hours with someone.

Tipasmusic Student